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IPBL: “Banks subjected to dollar transaction ban continue operations smoothly in other currencies”

Iraqi Private Banks League (IPBL) announced that the banks sanctioned from dealing with the U.S. dollar are continuing their normal operations smoothly in other currencies, while freely providing domestic banking services to the public in Iraqi dinar currency. These banks retain their right to conduct international dealing in currencies other than the U.S. dollar currency. as confirmed by the Central Bank of Iraq.

The League stated in an official statement that the Central Bank of Iraq has not frozen the licenses of the 14 banks, and they still continue to carry out their duties in receiving deposits, granting loans, and providing various other banking services. All these banks guarantee their deposits through the Iraqi Company for Deposit Insure.

The League called for dealing with this measure within professional guidelines and principles, and not to circulate any false news that may undermine the position of the Iraqi banking sector and the public's trust in it.

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