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Enhancing economic relations: Iraqi and Jordanian banks foster cooperation

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Al Alaq, has led the delegation from Iraq's bank, which participated in a meeting with Jordan's bank in Ammaan. Al Alaq remarked that efforts continue to enhance the economic relations between the two countries, and the relations between the central banks of Iraq and Jordan have advanced remarkably. "There's a warm welcome and a strong willingness to further cooperate with Jordan's banking sector," Al Alaq mentioned. "Iraq is committed to facilitating trade transactions through a streamlined and flexible system." The Iraqi-Jordanian banking meeting was organized by the Association of Banks in Jordan, under the auspices of the CBI governor, Mr. Ali Muhsen Al Alaq. It was attended by the Jordanian Ambassador in Iraq, Muntassir Al 'Oqla, the Chairman of the Association of Banks in Jordan, Bassim Al Khalil, and several Chairmen of the boards of directors from banks in both Jordan and Iraq Dr. Adel Al Sharkas, the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan, has expressed his vision regarding the banking relationship between Iraq and Jordan, stating: "The relationship between the two countries is strategic and historical; therefore, Jordan is ready to help Iraq and share experiences in various fields." For his part, the Chairman of The Iraqi Private Banks League, Mr. Wadee Al Handal, has spoken about the importance of the Iraqi-Jordanian banking meeting, saying:" It shows the paramount significance of the economic and trade relations between them." "It's important to expand the scale of cooperation in many fields, such as energy and transportation," he stressed. Al Handal called for the need to find joint solutions between the two banking sectors in order to achieve progress and prosperity, as well as to foster existing cooperation between the two countries and expand the scale of advanced banking services.

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