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Iraqi Private Banks League delegation visits Middle Technical University


An Iraqi Private Banks League delegation, led by Counselor Samir Al Nusairi, visited the Technical College of Management at the Middle Technical University to discuss the memorandum of cooperation between the two institutions and explore opportunities for strengthening the partnership.

During the visit, Al Nusairi delivered a lecture entitled 'Economic Reform Begins with Banking Reform,' where he elaborated on the pivotal role of the Central Bank and the banking sector in stimulating the economy, promoting investment, and generating employment opportunities, in addition to the significance of using monetary policy tools in controlling the exchange rate, and the government's approach to financial and banking reform.

The Dean of the Middle Technical University, esteemed teaching staff, and both postgraduate and primary-level students of financial and banking studies were present at the symposium. In recognition of his valuable contribution, Counselor Samir Al Nusairi was conferred with the distinguished College Shield, and a certificate of gratitude and appreciation was tendered to him after the symposium.

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